Forward Focused business mediation

Partnerships, Shareholders and Founders

It is normal to experience difficulties in partnerships and amongst shareholders and founders.   I have over 30 years experience as a practising business lawyer and have assisted in the resolution of many issues that have arisen amongst business partners, shareholders and founders.

My focus is on the future.  I assist in finding a solution so the parties can start a new chapter and put their current dispute behind them.

Every Mediation is Different

I tailor the mediation process to take into account each party’s procedural needs and their future business interests.  I design a process that is compatible with the values of the participants and takes account of constraints such as budgets, deadlines and applicable laws. The goal is to reach an outcome which will satisfy the parties substantively, procedurally and psychologically. I use a forward focused style of mediation by working with the parties to elicit their interests, positions and alternatives in order to jointly generate new options that will meet their mutual needs.  I place emphasis on prior preparation, stimulating creativity and collaborative problem-solving, even in tough disputes that have been adversarial to date.   I encourage the parties to work jointly, and also use private meetings to move the process along or at the request of a party.  In-person mediations usually last for one or two  full days or several half days.   



Next Chapter Mediation

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